It’s where families gather for meals and meaningful talks.  Where we start our days, and where we nourish each aspect of our busy lives.  In short, it’s our kitchens that define so much of who we are on a day to day basis.

At Modern HomeCrafter, we take great pride in creating stunning kitchens for families, couples and individuals at every stage of life.  From the most basic remodeling project to jaw-dropping dream kitchen creations, we stop at nothing to when it comes to your satisfaction.

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  • 3D Kitchen Rendering
  • Custom Built Cabinets
  • Quartz and Stone Countertops
  • Kitchen Tile
  • Sink and Backsplash
  • Floor Plan Modifications
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Custom Kitchen Designs

Creating More Than Just Custom Kitchens

Your kitchen is anything but another room in your home.  It’s motivation for the day, a place of refuge, and a key source of home value.  So when the time comes to create your very own culinary workshop, it takes the proven experience of a talented remodeling team to ensure perfection from start to finish.  At Modern HomeCrafter, we bring two decades of experience and proven expertise into each kitchen remodeling project. Browse our gallery to see examples, or get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Personalized Perfection  

Just as no two families are exactly the same, nor are the kitchens in which they gather to create a life.  If you’re looking for kitchen remodeling services that defy the conventional, Modern HomeCrafter is a company you can have faith in.  We specialize in a full array of decorative installation styles, as well as custom designs and professional planning for those seeking something truly outside the lines of the conventional.  Talk to a member of our staff today to learn more about complete kitchen makeovers and custom remodeling options. 

Modern HomeCrafter is family owned and operated. We proudly serve the entire Portland OR and Vancouver WA areas and we can be reached by phone at 503-568-2037 or via email through our website’s secure contact page.